Are you ready to sweat ??



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I am super excited to share todays review with you. I recently had the opportunity to check out Shape House here in New York City. If you aren’t familiar with Shape House this is a widely popular celebrity fan favorite “urban sweat lodge” located in New York City and Los Angeles.
What caught my attention about Shape House was the fact that it promises you all the benefits of an exercise class burning 800 to 1600 calories without actually exercising. Not to mention the numerous studies that have been published on detoxifying health benefits of sweating. I mean so many cultures use sweat lodges for years and years for both physical and spiritual reasons. So to me it seemed like a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to sweat away toxins and pounds all while relaxing in a private room with all the Netflix fixings to your desire.  Not to mention the numerous A- list celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Taylor shilling and yes the Kardashians are all huge fans of the health and beauty benefits. Beauty benefit? yes so you know I had to get all the details for you guys.
I arrived at the shape house located at 34 W 17th Street here in NYC. I brought along my good friend and assistant Colleen to enjoy the experience with me. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the amazing staff who was so accommodating and helpful The Shape House is dark and relaxing lit up by red lighting. They will provide you with clothes that you sweat in (cotton is the perferred material) as well as socks.  They then will escort you to your sweat room where you will be wrapped in a Infared heated blanket that heats up to 160 degrees, you’re given headphones and your own private flatscreen TV with all the Netflix & Hulu you can need to relax and watch while you sweat all your toxins out and shed some unwanted pounds. Not to mention this is some much needed uninterrupted me time that helps me physically and mentally detox.
You are also provided with a call button should you need any assistance during your sweating or a refill on your water which they keep at your bed side at all times so that you are able to keep yourself fully hydrated throughout the process. I should mention that they do recommend that you have a small meal prior to sweating and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated as well prior to coming in for your sweat session.
I really did enjoy the sweat session it was everything that I could’ve asked for and one of my favorite parts during the session is their “Beauty Towels” towards the end when you really feel like oh my god is this over because you do start to feel really hot you can feel the sweat dripping down everywhere. They have the perfect timing because it just when you feel like you can’t take anymore they come in with these beauty towels which are very cold relaxing washclothes that they place on your four head and what’s even better is you can smell the lavender It is drenched in. It’s so soothing and refreshing and they place it at the perfect time so that you’re able to finish out your session and feel great.
After the session is over they bring you into a relaxing lounge area where you are provided with water, tea of your choice from turmeric to mint and fresh orange slices to relax and replenish yourself. I never felt so amazing my clothes were fully saturated from sweat but inside I felt revived and refreshed and not to mention my skin was glowing it felt so soft and mentally I felt like I was on cloud nine. I could also see the effects the sweat had on my body in the following days as my stamina was better my skin continued to glow I just felt all around amazing not to mention I did sweat off a few pounds yass.
It’s a great way to relax, rejuvenate and repair your mind and body from the inside out. To be honest sweating just makes you feel good.
Now you can visit the Shape House as a nonmember or you can join and you receive some really amazing savings which will allow you to sweat more often at a better rate.
I knew from the moment that we left that I was going to join as a member. The staff was so amazing and I would love to thank Hadley the Shape House coordinator (yes thats right we share the same name 🙂 )  for inviting me in to try out this life-changing experience. I will definitely be joining and cannot wait to sweat on a regular basis.
Now here’s for some exciting news for those of you here in New York City. They will be opening two brand new locations one on the Upper West Side which will open on May 15th and The second location in Dumbo Brooklyn which will be opening on May 18th.

to celebrate this momentous double-opening they are going to be offering 50% off memberships starting may 15th until june 30th and *2 for $100 from may 15th until may 30th*2 for $100 at NY locations only

but wait! there’s more…

To celebrate the special women in your life [whether that’s your mom, wife, sister, daughter, or even yourself!] They are going to be offering *buy one get one free sweats for sale on Mother’s Day only!  Limit 1 per person
How much more amazing does it get then that!  It looks like things are going to be heating up this Month in New York City and I’m telling you from my experience you don’t want to be left out. So grab your mom or your best girlfriend and make sure you check out the shape house this is going to be an experience you are going to love let alone release all those toxins that tend to build up and my favorite part will leave you a glowing from the inside out. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you check out the Shape House DM me on Instagram and let me know how your experience was I can’t wait for you all to try this out. I can see why this is so widely popular and why celebrities have jumped on this it really is the new HOT thing to try! Happy Mother’s Day to you all Xoxo
@shapehouse on Instagram
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Prose Customizable Hair Care



Happy Monday Dolls!

Hope you all had a great Weekend, Today I am excited to share with you a new hair care brand that I have been testing out called Prose. It is unlike your typical hair care you buy in the salon or stores. This is a customized hair care system created for you and only you. That is what intrigued me the most. I am always looking for products to help issues I may have with my hair and finally a company has come out that addresses your specific needs. Lets jump into all the details.

Prose is a hair care brand that offers customized shampoo, conditioner and treatment formulas. You begin with a series of very specific questions, it basically guarantees that the formula is going to be for your hair and your hair only. The online quiz begins with the basics. I checked off my hair type, hair structure, and scalp moisture. The process is quick and easy especially if you already know your hair situation.

Prose spent years of meticulous testing out specific ingredients and have come up with 76 highly effective, natural ingredients. All organic or eco-certified, and made from sustainable resources, they come together to create the most natural formula for you, with everything you need and nothing more. You also have the options to select silicone free and vegan. I personally love that the ingredients are natural as I have learned over the years what harsh chemicals are use in your average shampoos and conditioners and how they play a role is actually damaging your hair and stripping it of its natural oils.

My 3 step Formula was customized as pictured below and I was super excited when I opened the box saw that they even personalize the bottles with your name!



I immediately started using the system and to be completely honest while blowing my hair the first time after using all three products I was worried mid blow out because my hair felt different. I thought oh no this is going to leave my hair weighed down or a greasy residue, but to my surprise what I was actually feeling was my hair thicker. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying my hair instantly grew but it felt so much more full. By the time I finished blowing it out I was so impressed with the end results from just one use.

I have used the full system at least three times now and I have to say its pretty amazing. What I enjoy most is that this is tailored to me, I no longer have to waste my money on so many different products just to achieve the results I need and want. I would 100% recommend this especially if your looking to target specific issues with your hair. I hope you enjoyed this review make sure you check out Prose online  or on Instagram @prosehair, and if you try them out let me know what you think and how your results turned out.


Till next time

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doTERRA what is this about?


Happy Monday Dolls!


In this review, we are going to take a look at the doTERRA Oils and Petal diffuser. I am so glad to have partnered with doTERRA to bring you this full review. They were extremely kind in sending me a bunch of products to test out and of course my review is fully my own and honest. This is going to be an in depth review so grab a snack and enjoy!


doTERRA  — Is it a gimmick?

DoTerra is a wildly popular essential oil MLM that earns the number one spot on our top 25 MLMs.

Many MLM companies seem to be started as merely a means to make money, but DoTerra was started by a small selection of healthcare professionals with the ultimate intention of embracing the natural healing effects of essential oils.

The name comes from Latin meaning, “Gift of the Earth,” and is the focus on the company. The high quality essential oils are sold by independent sellers that build a team beneath them and profit is made from the monthly subscription of the sellers along with their team


Oils –

Essentia oils can be derived from most natural resources and the healing properties have been known for thousands of years. Other companies have put their name in the ring by offering oils as an additional product (like Youngevity), but Doterra does it better.

The difference found with DoTerra when compared to other essential oil companies (even like Young Living) is the potency of this brand. They only allow for the purest form of essential oils to make the cut to become part of their line.

That means that the oils are able to last far longer than other brands and provide much more healing opportunities. In addition to their highly potent essential oil line DoTerra also offers a wide range of home, health, and wellness products to improve life. Here are just a few of the many products offered by the company.

Laundry detergent is not a product that most people would think of coming from an essential oil company such as DoTerra, but they do.

Thee OnGuard laundry detergent is not like the standard detergent found in your local stores. It is 6 times concentrated and therefore much more potent than any store-bought product.

The 32-oz container can wash up to 64 standard loads of laundry and can even be used as an intensive stain remover by placing a small amount directly on the stain and allowing it to soak in.


Respiratory issues occur in many people and for a wide range of reasons. It can be a helpless feeling when you struggle to breathe, but DoTerra has an essential oil designed to help airways open up naturally.

The product is called breathe and although it is available in the standard essential oil bottle, it has also been made into respiratory drops for convenience. These drops use the same mixture of essential oils, but can be taken along with you wherever you go just like standard cough drops.

Their minty flavor opens up the airways allowing you to breathe freely.

Supplements are available from DoTerra within their long list of products and one of the most popular ones within their lineup is the DoTerra Greens.

It is not always convenient or even possible to get all of the essential fruits and vegetables throughout the day, but DoTerra Greens assists by allowing you to mix this highly beneficial mixture of fruits and vegetables into any liquid and get the nutrients needed for the day.

The blend supports digestion, improves immunities, helps with weight management, and is even vegan friendly.


DoTerra offers a range of products that work to improve customer’s lives and that includes allowing them a bit of relaxation. The Serenity Calming Bath Bar is formulated from the Serenity Essentia Oil line and is an enticing blend of lavender, Roman chamomile, sweet marjoram sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang.

The conditioning agent within the soap moisturizes the body in the bath while the essential oils allow the stresses from the day to melt away. This bath bar is perfect for anyone looking to destress but without the time to head out for a day at the spa.

One of the largest problems people have with losing weight is the constant need to find something to snack on.

Gum can help with cravings, but it can only take you so far. The solution is to not simply have something to chew in your mouth, but find something beneficial to the body in the gum. DoTerra Slim and Sassy Metabolic gum is the solution you have been waiting for.

The selection of essential oils gives you the ability to fight off cravings and finally help you achieve your fitness goals.

My husband suffers from insomnia and I can not tell you how much the Lavender oil has helped him find peace and enjoy and fully rested sleep. This was where it really all began for me. My best friend Colleen who is the Doctor of oils to me was the first to introduce the brand and everything it has to offer! She swears and lives by this brand. I wont lie I was skeptical until I saw my husband knocked out enjoying a goodnight sleep. From there I was intrigued to explore the whole brand and all its possibilities.


Now on to my favorite diffuser! This little diffuser is a must have for many reasons. The overall design has more than enough elegance to satisfy even the most visual among us and is certainly easy to look at – You can’t really go wrong with the doTERRA Petal Diffuser. 


The Petal diffuser is not only beautiful, but extremely functional as well. The range of diffusion is more than enough to cover a large room and its timer settings allow you to shut it down automatically so you don’t have to baby sit it. The optional LED light is a nice compliment for those looking for a little ambiance and the whole thing comes apart easily for cleaning which is a breeze as well.

Features at a glance

  • Diffusion up to 350 sq feet
  • 5″ X 5.5″
  • Optional LED
  • 1, 2 and 4 hour diffusion settings
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very reliable
  • Extremely Quiet!

How to use and clean

Using the Petal diffuser is as simple as opening the lid and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils with water. Cleaning is just as easy: Simply take off the lid and wipe it down with a moist cloth!

Why we love this diffuser

This diffuser was made specifically for their essential oils. I can honestly tell you that they went out of their way to deliver the BEST diffuser on the market. You simply cannot a find a more compact or affordable diffuser on the market that will LAST and not break down over time. I have owned and reviewed many diffusers and this one has outlasted all of them.

I do believe that most diffusers are made in China and are simply not cut out for every day use. Many diffusers break down after only a few months of use.

I always went with the cheap diffusers when I first started using essential oils but now I see why they were so cheap. I have owned this diffuser for well over a year and it still pumps out oil like it is brand new!


So overall I am completely hooked on doTERRA and everything is has to offer myself and my family. If I had one regret it is that I did not start using all their products sooner! I hope this review gave you a good look into the brand and better understanding. As always you can reach out to me n Instagram with any questions. Do not wait go order now and start living a better life thanks to doTERAA! … Instagram @doTerra

Till Next Time

Stay Beautiful

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Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial




Hey Dolls,

I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite skincare brands as a whole has been Drunk Elephant. I absolutely adore their products and look forward to their new releases. They are constantly creating products that just set the tone for skincare on the market. So I figured there is no better time then now then to share my favorite product of all time from them – the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. If you are looking for a product that is life changing this is it!



Babyfacial was created with every skin type in mind. Glycolic acids get a bad rap for being sensitizing, but the pH level and accompanying ingredients (think fragrant oils or high amounts of alcohol) can be the real problem. Babyfacial has the ideal pH level of 3.5 to 3.6 with a blend of acids that work together synergistically to ensure higher efficacy, while helping to avoid redness and irritation.

A 25 percent AHA and 2 percent BHA mask that works as a “facial” to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance. Solutions for:  Dullness and uneven texture. Fine lines and wrinkles. Uneven skin tone. This innovative mask is like an at-home facial, containing a pro-quality AHA/BHA blend that effectively yet gently resurfaces skin and exfoliates the pore lining. Babyfacial™ will dramatically smooth texture, minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, refine pores, and boost overall clarity and radiance. Power-packed with a potent, soothing antioxidant complex, plus chickpea flour for incredible brightening, this next-generation mask reveals a youthful, glowing, and baby-soft complexion. Trust me it does everything it promises and more. I know people promise false hope but I am telling you from first hand experience it is a next level of perfection.


This product has a thick, whipped creamy consistency. It’s easy to apply and I find about 2-3 drops is needed to cover my face with a thin layer. The quantity provided is generous enough for the price I feel and would last me a long time since it is designed to be used no more than 1-2 times a week. This product contains a potent blend of AHA and BHA which are renowned chemical exfoliants. They are designed to loosen the all the dead skin cells and is much more effective than just physical exfoliation. With initial application, it does sting a bit, but that subsides quickly, but things to note is that my skin is not terribly sensitive just mildly and my skin is accustomed to doing exfoliation on a regular basis. I would advice doing a patch test first.


While I loved the results my Drunk Elephant Night Serum, I would say the babyfacial gives me the same amazing results 3 times multiplied. The results are visible immediately after rinsing. I have never experienced such soft skin except when I have used this. My skin feels so supple and smooth like a baby’s skin (hence the name). My complexion looks more radiant and even toned.

I use this once a week religiously and notice immediately how easily it can clear up congested skin. While this product is designed to be a weekly boost to your skin care and not replace your regular nightly exfoliation routine, I find implementing does make a world of a difference even with all my other skincare routine intact. My skin stays smooth, noticeably less blackheads, smaller cleaner pores and less breakouts and overall feeling healthy.

I love the fact that they have provided a sample of their best-selling Marula oil to try. I have noticed my dry skin type feeling much more nourished with this product, I still follow up with a light layer of moisturizer to help nourish the newly exfoliated layer of skin.

Overall, Drunk Elephant products can be pricey  for most people but this was worth every single penny. I 100% recommend this and will continue keeping this as part of my weekly skincare routine indefinitely.

Hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you try and love he product as much as I do,

Till next time

Stay Beautiful

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Huda Beauty 3D Bronze Sands Highlighter Palette

Hello Dolls!

Huda Beauty launched a new 3D highlighter palette, The Huda Beauty 3D Bronze Sands Highlighter Palette . I confirmed so many times that I’m hooked on this brand and I absolutely love the products. When it comes to maximum glow, 3D highlighter effect and gleaming cheekbones, Huda Beauty Highlighter Palettes are the best!



The Instagram universe went absolutely crazy when Huda Kattan teased her new Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palettes! Inspired by Huda’s DIY hack using an oil under a powder to intensify the highlighter, Huda developed four shades within each palette that creates a super seamless and three-dimensional glow. Huda created three palettes to suit everyone, Pink Sands for fair to medium skin tones, and Golden Sands for medium skin tones and the brand new Bronze Sands to cater to deep skin tones. I received all three in a PR package from her amazing team! These highlighter palettes are so unique,   I absolutely love it and if you want to know why I love it, keep reading below!!!




The palettes are square in shape and come in a clear plastic outer sleeve. All three palettes feature different photos complementing tones within. for example the Pink Sands palette features a gorgeous image of Huda with blonde hair whilst the Golden Sands palette features a warmer image of Huda as a brunette, and the Bronze Sands features Huda as none other then a glowing bronze goddess. The outer packaging is matte and also features metallic components in the logo as well as the highlighted points of Huda’s face.  When you move the palette around, these areas catch the light and it looks like she has a poppin’ highlight! I think this is a really cute touch!



The internal packaging is matte black and the 4 products, 1 cream and 3 powder highlighters, are inset within the packaging. Instructions on how Huda would use this palette are listed on the cover. A mirror would be nice at this price point, but it isn’t a deal breaker for me. The palettes have a magnetic closure, have a good weight to it and feel expensive. I think the quality of the packaging is quite nice!


There are 2 formulas within this palette, the cream melted strobe shade and the 3 powder highlighters. The melted strobe shade is so creamy and incredibly blendable. It is made with shea butter that gives it it’s blendability, and pearls that give this shade subtle reflects. You do not need to use a lot to achieve a gorgeous glow. This shade is unlike any other cream highlight I have tried, it does literally melt into your skin.

The powder highlighters are extremely soft and highly pigmented. They are extremely finely milled powders, with no chunky glitter particles, and are so easy to blend. What I love about this palette is that each shade can be used individually, but when used in conjunction with each other, create a flawless and blended three dimensional glow.

I am in LOVE with the melted strobe shade used on it’s own for a natural every day glow! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I actually wish that this shade had more product within palette.

All four shades used together can create the most flawless highlight and the instructions couldn’t be more simpler. 

The New Bronze Sands shades are richer and more pigmented as you’ll surely noticed in the swatches bellow. This palette is suitable for tanned skin and definitely medium or darker skin tones. The colors are mean to pop up on tanned skin so I’ll rock this palette probably in the summer when I self tan. I’m stubborn and I’ll try to make the shades work even on light skin tone LOL they are just so beautiful I can’t help but want to lather myself in them all.

I know they will look super pigmented and too intense on my skin so I’ll definitely use a light hand and my beauty blender.


  • Barbados
  • Maldives
  • Aruba
  • Bora Bora
I also love the name of the shades, as they are among my favorite destination to travel to. Could it be that you can get a different tan color in each of these destinations?
What do you think about these Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter palettes? which one is catching your eye? Overall I saw the Queen has done it yet again and im not surprised as Huda Beauty and her team never disappoint.
Till next time
Stay Beautiful
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Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss



Hey Dolls,


I took a break for a little I was under the weather and also just feeling uninspired but I am back and feeling great and have found products that are inspiring me. I plan to be back bigger then ever. My new posting schedule will be 2x a week so be prepared for everything that is to come!



Todays review is on the brand new Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip glosses. Phew that is a moth full lol, but oh em gee guys I am inspired!

Welcome back, lip gloss! Two years ago, Urban Decay revamped its lipstick line and create the Vice range. It’s full of various finishes and shades. Now, the brand has reformulated its lip gloss collection and introducing the Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss. Move over mattes. Mega watt shine is back!


This formula is “sexy and comfy at the same time.” Lip gloss often gets a bad rap for being too sticky or tacky or for wearing off too quickly. Nothing is more annoying than wearing lip gloss on a windy day and ending up with a clump of hair affixed to your mouth. It appears that Urban Decay has solved this cosmetics conundrum with its latest innovation. The gloss adds “ultra shiny color” to your lips and will not feather or bleed.


The Hi-Fi Shine lippies check off all the boxes of things that lip gloss lovers look for. They come in four finishes. There is metallic and cream, just like the bullet lippies. There’s also a sheer cream formula and the ever-trendy holographic. Urban Decay is all about giving its beauty lovers choices — and lots of them — when it comes to formula, texture, finish, and hue. There are 20 tubes of gloss pictured below:



The color spectrum is well-represented. There are hot pinks, purples, mauves, nudes, browns, and neutrals. You can go bold and bright or go soft and sweet.While precise, velvety, and ultra pigmented mattes have been the dominant lip trend for the past few years, sexy, wet-look gloss has steadily mounted a comeback. Urban Decay’s collection allows for gloss to further return in 2018. I for one am so excited for the gloss trend to be back. Swatches courtesy of Trendmood

UD also promises that the Hi-Fi Shine glosses will add instant plumpness to your pout. These glosses are $20 per tube. You can find them online now and in stores March 29th !

Hope you enjoyed this review see you soon with more excited new products hitting the market! You can always reach out to me on IG.

Till Next Time,

Stay Beautiful

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Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette

Happy Wednesday Dolls!


Hope you all have been having a great week thus far, Today I am going to be introducing you guys to a brand I recently tried out for the very first time called Sleek.

Now Sleek is a brand that I’ve never really ventured into much. In fact, I’ve only heard of them prior in a Jaclyn Hills snap, But when I spied one of the new Sleek highlighting palette on Instagram, I knew I had to give it a go for myself and seek if all the hype was true and of course give you guys my opinion.



When it comes to highlighting, the more the better in my eyes and although my beloved Rodeo Drive highlight can never be replaced, I’m always looking to try out new alternatives to use and why not! Now I can highlight with the best of them; Shimmering cheekbones? Check! Luscious Cupid’s Bow? Check! Poppin’ Eyes? Check! And when it comes to highlight, I tend to lean more towards the bronze Gold-hued, autumnal shades, and so let me introduce the Sleek Cleopatra’s Kiss Highlighting Palette – it’s a glow lovers DREAM!


This Sleek highlighting palette contains four absolutely stunning highlight shades in a mix of tones and textures, as well as a mirror and mini brush. There’s two velvety soft powders and two ultra-luxurious creams, all with a metallic, golden hued finish. My personal favourites have to be Sphinx and Dynasty as they lend themselves to the more golden side of the palette, whereas Delta and Goddess are much rosier.


But that aside this palette is one of the best, affordable highlighters on the market in my opinion and I find myself getting compliments when I wear it. For that alone, it’s totally worth picking up! I am now completely obsessed and am dying to try their Solstice palette ahhh!

So Are you a highlighter kind of  girl?


Till next time,

Stay Beautiful ….

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Make a statement with Bare Minerals



Hey Dolls.

Have you guys had a chance to check out the Bare Minerals Statement™ Matte Liquid Lipcolor and Statement™ Luxe Shine Lipsticks collection including their lip liners? These are bold colors that flatter every skin tone; you’re sure to find a few to add to your stash!

I’ve always been a fan of Bare Minerals products; always great colors and more importantly, color that felt good to wear. The Statement collections are build on vibrant colors that call out to be worn!




The Statement™ Matte Liquid Lipcolorsare full coverage with a long-wearing formula. Unlike many other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, bareMinerals has nailed this formula, in that’s it’s not sticky or drying. It’s a moisturizing cream-to-matte finish that I actually enjoy wearing. There are 10 shades available (shown left to right above): Luxe (dirty pastel pink), Fresh (bold warm pink), Shameless (neon hot pink), Juicy (poppy red), Fire (firey orange red), VIP (bold crimson), Naughty (deep oxblood red), OMG (vivid violet), Flawless (muted plum), Devious (rich burgundy). In terms of wear time, I’d consider this about a medium when compared to other long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.


The Statement™ Luxe Shine Lipstickscome in 9 shades (shown in order left to right): Alpha (bright raspberry), Biba (bubblegum pink), Elite (rose berry gold pearl, shimmer), Flash (warm coral red), Frenchie (vibrant magenta berry), Hustler (rich garnet red pearl, shimmer), NSFW (blackened plum), Rebound (medium neutral pink), Srsly Red (true bright red), Tease (peachy pink gold pearl, shimmer). The lipsticks are super comfortable to wear, have good staying power, are nicely pigmented, and yes, they’re shiny, too!

The Statement™ Under Over™ Lip Liners are available in five shades and have a creamy, blendable formula. Shades include: Kiss-A-Thon (neutral pink), 100% (true cherry red), Wired (brick red), Genius (deep fuchsia), Graphic (intense blackberry). In my experience testing out the lip products, both the Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolors and Statement Luxe Shine Lipsticks have much better staying power when using the Statement Under Over Lip Liners



If you are like me and you are wondering where all the nude shades are? No worries! You’ll find all those gorgeous nudes in the bareMineralsGEN NUDE™ Lip rang collection!

Bare Minerals Statement™ Lip collections are available in bareMinerals boutiques, SephoraULTAMacy’s and in fine spas and salons. Will you be picking any of these beauties up? Let me know how your loving them and which were your fave either shade or formula. As always you can reach out to me on Instagram and till next time…


Stay Beautiful,

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Dermalogica? … Hit or Miss?


Hi dolls!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Monday and enjoying the month of October I can not believe that it’s almost over! Today I’m going to be reviewing a very popular skincare brand: Dermalogica. I received an amazing package from them a few weeks back and have been testing out everything to give you all the information and my full review. So is this a hit or miss?
 They claim to be the number one choice of skincare recommended by skincare professionals worldwide. I knew after hearing that claim that I have to give this brand a go and well after just a few weeks i’m already in love! Let’s jump right into the review….
The first product that I’m going to introduce you to is one of my favorite products from their entire line. It is the
Pre-Cleanse – $42
From the first time I used this pre-cleanse which comes in an oil type formula I completely fell in love and knew that this would be a game changer her for removing my makeup. I usually will pump one to two pumps into the palm of my hands and rub it all over my face. It  completely softens up all of the makeup even stubborn mascara. I have sensitive eyes and I don’t find that this irritates my eyes at all. After completely rubbing this in with my makeup I will take a warm washcloth and remove everything with such ease from my skin, it makes it so easy and my skin feels so hydrated unlike harsh makeup remover’s. My skin is literally glowing after just using this alone. I do however follow up with the cleanser after using this product. I’m completely addicted to how my skin feels and how easy it is to take off the toughest makeup especially those late nights when you’re feeling lazy this makes everything so much easier and keeps your skin glowing!
Next is the Daily Microfoliant- $55
I particularly like to use this to help improve my skin texture especially because I have dry flaky skin I find that using this on a regular basis helps to even out my skin tone and texture. You definitely see the difference when using this consistently and it isn’t too harsh on the skin it’s perfect for daily use in everything that he claims he definitely see the results that it promises. This is an excellent product for those with dry skin or to use during the cold winter months to help nourish and keep your skin and it’s texture balanced.
Photo Replenish Oil- $75
I know I know the first thing you’re going to think is $75!! Are you kidding me. Well you remember that saying you have to spend to get the really good stuff well that definitely applies here. This product is out of this world amazing! If you have dry skin if you’re suffering this product is a game changer life changer everything changer!  It completely hydrate your skin leaving such a luminous glow I feel like any wrinkle you might’ve thought you had or you did have completely seems to resolve it’s like magic I swear it’s One of those products that you’re like oh my God where have you been my whole life and I don’t care how much it cost because you’re amazing ! Well let me tell you that is this product I have tried a lot of skincare out and this is in a class all on its own. I know for many this can be out of your price range but if you’re going to save up for one really good skincare item this is the one. I have seen my skin change in ways I never thought it would and I’m so glad I found this product don’t get me wrong good skin care is a combination of really great products not just one but this is one that should be in your skincare routine. Since I started using this product I find I prefer to wear no makeup because I love my own skin and how hydrated and glowing for the first time it really looks.
Now last but certainly not least this next product is my holy grail favorite primer that I have tried and that’s saying a lot! This is my number one primer I have to keep a back up in my drawer at all times!
Hydrablu Primer- $47
I would give this product 5 stars! It completely smoothes out my skin and my makeup applies flawlessly on top of this primer. I have been using it since the day I got it and I cannot switch back to any other primer I don’t care if this is expensive,  it’s amazing and it blows every other primer out of the water. Since the day I started using it people have given me compliments and asked what I’ve been doing differently and how can they get their skin to look like mine. I cannot say enough good things about this primer there’s no other one like it it does an amazing job at controls my oils all day while leaving my skin looking smooth and radiant. I’m completely obsessed!! You don’t need one of these you need two at all times haha.. trust me you’ll thank me later go out and get this primer.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review .. All these products are available at Ulta ! I definitely think you should give some of these products ago they’re amazing yes they were sent to me but this is not sponsored on my opinions are my own I would repurchase all of these products over and over and I plan to do so. If you have any questions you can always reach out to me on Instagram but trust me when I tell you, you will thank me once you start using these products and start seeing for yourself how amazing they really are!
Till next time…
Stay Beautiful,
Makeup By Blondiee


Hey Dolls!

I am so excited to share that I recently visited the extremely talented and beautiful KLARA from KLARA’S Beauty lab. You may remember that I visited her a few times prior one for her imperial facial (AMAZING!) and also for her life changing LASH LIFT aka Viagra for your lashes! In case you forgot I’m going to link both of those blogs here make sure you check them out!


Since receiving her revolutionary LASH LIFT which KLARA as you know is the pioneer and responsible for bringing it to the United States from London with her own personal take. I was blown away I never experienced anything so beautiful. I love my lashes they were the best they have ever been.

But for me in the makeup industry always taking photos I had to wear false lashes to complement the dramatic makeup looks I would post and share. I cannot tell you how much I hate applying false lashes. My eyes would be so red from the glue and it would take so much time to apply that I would be so frustrated. I knew if I visited KLARA she would have the answer to all my lash problems. She welcomed me with open arms to her beautiful office. I always feel like I’m at home visiting her, her energy is simply amazing. I explained to her that in the past I had lash extensions but they just didn’t work out for me that my eyes are so sensitive.

She explained that it’s extremely important not to focus on the price you pay but for the quality that you receive. She assured me she only uses the best of the best. Knowing her I completely put my eyes into her hands as she is an educator and pioneer in this industry.

I explained the look that I was going for and she begin to work her magic. She applied different length and textured individual lashes to achieve the look that I wanted but also to achieve a more realistic lash extension. I am sure you have seen hundreds of girls wearing lashes extentions, all their lashes are exactly the same length and texture and they look unrealistic. KLARA prides herself in providing her clients with one of a kind lashes that offer dimension & volume.


When I opened my eyes and saw the finished look I wanted to cry from happiness I couldn’t stop looking at my lashes and thanking KLARA. She really has hands of magic. All the years that she spent learning and teaching you can see it visibly in her work. She takes her time, she doesn’t rush she wants to make sure everything is perfect and that her clients are beyond happy and believe me they are!





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Yes you can find cheaper, but please guys this is your eyes it is extremely important that you go to somebody like KLARA Who has the knowledge and experience behind her to help you achieve results you’re looking for because in the end you’re only going to wind up hurting yourself, so make sure to treat yourself to the best.




From the moment I left till today which is almost 2 weeks later, my lashes still look so amazing. Of course you have to treat them with care as they are not your lashes. To be honest I always thought the homecare would be way too much of a hassle but for me somebody that rubs their eyes and doesn’t like to take too much time out it has been so easy and I have had no problems caring for them. Too be honest I barely even know they’re there they never bother me and remember I have very sensitive eyes. I will be seeing KLARA very soon to get them filled in (usually every 2-3 weeks).


At this point I can’t see not having them they are so beautiful and have made getting ready and doing my makeup a breeze. I no longer have to struggle with applying false lashes or put aside extra time if anything I finish my makeup even faster and I’m not stressed out.




I am so thankful to have found KLARA. She is such an angel! She has helped me achieve a better me and has made it a joy along the way. I can not wait to see what we work on together next but one this is for sure I know it will be amazing!

Make sure you follow KLARA on Instagram @Klarabeautylab and check out her website

Till next time,

Stay Beautiful,

Makeup By Blondiee